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Publication Date: January 21, 2013


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Though Enchanter is a work of complete fiction speckled with a paranormal background and a hint of romance, there is an underline message that I address briefly through the first few chapters of my novel.

Bullying is a subject most people avoid talking about, but truth of the matter is that this behavior is part of today’s society and is growing day by day. It’s hard to even imagine that small children (second and third graders) begin this behavior at such a young age and even harder to think about what happens when this unfortunate conduct escalades. We have all heard stories about children committing suicide over this and as parents we should get involved in our children’s lives when it comes to their school, social media network, and friends. Getting involved is not the same thing as being nosey and although our children might not appreciate the interference…

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Congrats on your new book Colin!

Conspiracy? The Incidents on the M6 & Paris

I have spent months researching, recording and writing about the alleged ‘M6 Paranormal Crash’ and also the connected incident in Paris that took place towards the end of 2009 and the Spring of 2010.

You may or may not beware of them but a simple search on Google will reveal thousands of pages about these incidents.

Speculation about the events include the possibility of time travel, alien abduction, an insurance fraud and even the creation of a black market for alien artefacts; nothing that I have researched about these incidents is normal, although nothing proves they were paranormal.

Of course they could also be a hoax or even a viral campaign; I have considered all options.

In the coming months I shall talk more about what I think I found and where I need help trying to pin down what may be the truth behind these mysteries that the Fortean…

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